why c4k?

why we cruise for kai

we are matt and jen lueck. on october17, 2006 we lost our first son, kai easton to stillbirth when i (jen) was 36 weeks pregnant. like so many parents we were told there was no apparent reason for our sons death. 

since then we've desired to help others who share a similar loss.

why we ask that you cruise for kai

through the past 9 years we have met incredible families who have suffered unspeakable loss.  their babies, their stories, their heartache and even their joy is why we continue cruising for kai.  it's not just kai we are cruising for. we cruise for all the families and their beautiful babies and have come to deeply care for as well as those we've not yet met or might not ever know.

sadly, pregnancy and infant loss is something that will always be, our prayers remain the same throughout the years for these;

900,000 to 1 million of pregnancies tragically end up in pregnancy loss every year.*

more than 500,000 pregnancies end in pregnancy loss every year  during the first 20 weeks, resulting in 1 in 4 pregnancies that sadly end with miscarriage.*

every year, in the United States alone, nearly 26,000 families  experience the death of a precious baby before he or she has a chance to take their first breath . . . 71 families, each and every day, devastated by stillbirth.*

19,000 pregnancies end in infant death in the first month.* 

approximately, 39,000 end up in infant death in the first year.*

                                                                                                                                                     *statistics taken from March of Dimes via

october 15 is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day and we'd like to recognize our sweet baby boy along with other families who have suffered from any of these very real and devastating losses.

through this walk/run we aspire to reach those affected by miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss in our community, and simply offer friendly words of understanding andencouragement.