i will carry you; the sacred dance of grief and joy -by angie smith

I had the unforgettable pleasure of meeting angie at the women of faith conference in milwaukee in 2013.  she is a beautiful woman inside and out and her book is a must read for all couples who've suffered a loss.  

I Will Carry You is a powerful story of ultimate loss - a parent's loss of a child - interwoven with the biblical story of Lazarus, helping those walking through the difficult seasons of life to mourn and still have hope

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baby angel pics

click the link below to access baby angel pics site to learn more about this free photo re-touching  service offered to those who have lost a baby and have a desire to have an existing photograph restored.

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 daily strength

click the logo below to join daily strength's free and anonymous online community and talk to friendly people facing the same situations you are surrounding stillbirth.

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now i lay me down to sleep

click  on the logo below  to find out more  information  about now i  lay me  down to  sleep.  NILMDTP foundation  administers a network of almost 7,000 volunteer photographers in  the united states  and twenty-five countries.  at a family's  request, a NILMDTS affiliated  photographer  will  come to  your hospital  or hospice location and conduct  a sensitive  and  private  portrait  session.  the  portraits   are  then professionally retouched  and  presented to the families  on an  archival DVD/CD that can be used to print portraits of their cherished baby.  to  locate a  photographer in  your  area, please  follow  the 'find  a  photographer' link  located  directly beneath the images.

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