donate funds

donate funds

we thank you for your interest in our event and realize that you might not be able to participate in the cruise

we truely appreciate if you are able to donate funds to this great cause

                                                                   -matthew & jennifer lueck

if you would like to donate funds, simply do one of the following:

EITHER donate online by clicking the 'donate' button below. your donation for 2019 cruising for kai will be recieved via paypal. if you do not have a paypal account, you can still donate with your debit or credit card as a guest. 

when you get to the paypal page it will prompt you to fill out an order summary, 'your order summary'.  in the description type in 2019 cruising for kai donation.  also fill in the amount due (however much you wish to give) then click 'update'. it will automatically refresh and you can either fill in your paypal account login info or choose to pay as a guest.  paypal will walk you through the rest.