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who we are

matthew and jennifer lueck.    fell madly in love, 1996.      married december 16, 2000.       children of a King.        passionate for Christ.

forever committed to each other and our family. 

{left to right,   halia, makaio, kauai and sweet baby kai.}

proud mom and dad of halia diane, beautiful big sister to three brothers.talented ballerina.heart of gold.

proud mom and dad of KAI EASTON.our gift from above, not just for 36 weeks, but forever.         

proud mom and dad of makaio david.our blue baby.our gentle giant and kais younger bro by less than one year.        

proud mom and dad to kauai michael.our own 'class clown'.our baby.our last.   

honored son of pastor mike and his beautiful wife, maureen.        whos strong love for all is a true example of committed Christ followers.  

brother of the very lovely and generous meredith.         brother-in-law of ben, compassionate and true.  

             blessed granddaughter to the late felix.  my loving father beyond compare.  grandaughter to felixs wife nancy.                                          

true provider of unconditional love.  stubborn as they come.     proud german russian.

lucky daughter of diana, faithful and genuine, loves with whole heart.    

honorable man of God, true and loving husband, positive and influential father. 

 very fortunate stay at home mommy. homeschooler. live for God and my family. 

love everything disney, door county in all seasons, camping and justspending time together.