11th annual cruising for kai .  friday, october 11, 2019

please join us this year as we celebrate our babies at the 11th annual 1 mile walk or 5k run 

this event promises peace and healing in a safe and comforting environment.

more than anything, we desire to reach those who've been affected by a loss,

hoping to help those little lives be remembered…forever.

This gorgeous picture was captured seconds after balloons were released over Lake Michigan in honor of countless babies who were miscarried, stillborn or lost in infancy. Just as the balloons rose to the heavens the clouds parted into what we see here. Looks to me that Jesus opened the door to heaven for our messages to get to each of our children. I picture Kai running to get his Happy Birthday balloons from his siblings as other children run with him to accept theirs and together they sit with Jesus as he reads them to each one, a gentle tear running down his cheek every now and again.  Thank you my heavenly Father for loving my son, your son and for this beautiful picture you've blessed us with. Your comfort is felt, it is real and I love you for it.

cruising for kai.  10.17.2015